About Gina

Gina Ogren is a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness instructor and Owner of GO Fitness and the GOFitnessVirtual Fitness Community. Gina has been an ACE Certified Personal Trainer for 19 years and has been teaching Group Fitness classes since 2001. Her personal approach and focus on Senior Fitness have helped her to build a following that stretches across the United States and extends to Africa, Europe, Canada, Central America and Asia.

Her personal experience with major surgeries and a hip replacement give her a broader understanding of the need for fitness that puts safety first, while still accomplishing the goal of improving overall fitness. She started GOFitnessVirtual to build a virtual fitness community that gives easy access to all who want an effective fitness experience that puts safety first.

Gina lives in Overland Park, Kansas, with her husband and business partner, Jon, her daughter Alex, her son Austin, and their Dog Henley.

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